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Seminar on Categorical Interaction


Intercats is a seminar series on the mathematics of interacting systems, their composition, and their behaviour. Split in equal parts theory and applications, we are particularly interested in category-theoretic tools to make sense of information-processing or adaptive systems, or those that stand in a 'bidirectional' relationship to some environment. We aim to bring together researchers from different communities, who may already be using similar-but-different tools, in order to improve our own interaction.

Seminars will be announced on the Topos seminars mailing list. If you wish to be subscribed to this list, then simply send a blank email to seminars+subscribe@topos.institute. For any queries, contact Toby Smithe <toby+intercats@topos.institute>.

To participate in a seminar, please join our Zoom room. Each talk is also streamed on YouTube; direct links are given in the schedule below, and you can find the playlist of all talks and recordings here.

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