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Our goal is a world where the systems that surround us benefit us all

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Our vision

A new world of connection and integration

Our lives have been transformed by global networks of trade, travel, and communication. Driven by new technologies, these networks enrich our lives, but also lead to new threats, including surveillance, polarization, and pandemics.

At Topos, we pioneer emerging mathematical sciences of connection and integration to steer humanity towards a better future.

Fundamental science meets social impact

Change begins at the source. We are a world-class mathematical and computer science research lab, whose work underpins today’s technology and presents a vision for tomorrow’s. We believe technology is best co-created with society, so that diverse voices can shape its goals and impacts.

We work to ensure that the infrastructure of the future belongs to the public.

A place for connection

Topos means place.

Our place is the meeting point of academia, industry, and society. We convene a community of scientists, technologists, social impact experts, and policymakers to collectively advance sciences of connection and integration for the benefit of all.

Our approach

Three pillars

We achieve our mission through three interdependent pillars of activity:

A Venn diagram consisting of three circles, labelled Fundamental Science, Ethics and Society, and Technological Innovation

These pillars together pioneer a new model of the practice of science for societal good. This integrated combination of basic inquiry, guided by ethical engagement, and expressed in groundbreaking tools, is essential for facing the great, systemic challenges of our times.

More detail can be found in our Strategic Plan.

Four themes

We presently focus on four themes:

What tools allow collaboration between diverse experts on scientific modeling? How can tools build trust and consensus, unveiling implications of shared perspectives?

How do we collectively make sense of the world? With mathematical precision, can we describe how cooperation and intelligence emerge from interactions between people, corporations, technologies, and their environments?

How does fundamental research impact society? How do we ensure new technologies are designed in a safe way, that will help all of humanity flourish both today and long into the future?

Systems technologies affect everyone. How can we ensure everyone has a voice in their construction?

Topos Institute is a registered non-profit in the state of California (EIN 84-3431367). For details, see our Form 1023, IRS Determination Letter, CA FTB Exemption Letter, or contact us.

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