Workshop on Polynomial Functors

At the Topos Institute and online via Zoom
2021 March 15–19 (UTC)

Participants will learn background material and hear the latest progress on polynomial functors, monads, and comonads, their algebras and coalgebras, as well as on operads, parametric right adjoints, and cofunctors, with applications to combinatorics, database theory, dynamical systems, higher category theory, logic, and type theory.

(This may be the first in a series of such workshops.)

Each day's talks will be live-streaming on YouTube at the links below:
March 15
March 16
March 17
March 18
March 19
You can also find each speakers' talk linked individually; see the schedule at page bottom.


Thorsten Altenkirch:
Steve Awodey:
Michael Batanin:
Bryce Clarke:
Marcelo Fiore:
Richard Garner:
David Gepner:
Helle Hvid Hansen:
Rune Haugseng:
Bart Jacobs:
André Joyal:
Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg:
Kristina Sojakova:
David Spivak:
Ross Street:
Tarmo Uustalu:


Joachim Kock and David Spivak


Anyone interested in participating is welcome; simply fill out the online form. A zoom link will be sent out to registered participants a few hours before the workshop.

For other questions, please contact David Spivak or Joachim Kock.


Each talk will consist of a 50-minute presentation, followed by 10 minutes for questions and coffee break. Presentations will take place March 15–19 in the following 4-hour window:

20:00h–00:00 UTC

(Sydney (+1) 07:00–11:00; Berkeley 13:00–17:00; Boston 16:00–20:00; Barcelona 21:00–01:00+; etc.)

Time (UTC) Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
20:00–21:00 Joyal Uustalu Hansen 2 Altenkirch Fiore
21:00–22:00 Spivak 1 Hansen 1 Jacobs Sojakova Haugseng
22:00–23:00 Garner 1 Street Spivak 2 Batanin Nordvall F.
23:00–24:00 Gepner Clarke Garner 2 Garner 3 Awodey

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