David Spivak

Secretary and Senior Scientist

Topos US

David Spivak leads the Collective Intelligence research group at Topos, after a decade as a researcher at MIT. Since his PhD from UC Berkeley in 2007, he has worked to bring category-theoretic ideas into science, technology, and society, through novel mathematical research, through collaboration with scientists and engineers from disciplines including Materials Science, Chemistry, Robotics, Aeronautics, and Computer Science. His mission at Topos is to help develop the ability for people, organizations, and societies to make sense of—and hence to serve—the systems which sustain them.



Here are slides and recordings from talks given since starting at Topos.

Blog posts

Title Date
Poly @ Work 2024 2024-03-27
Poly-morphic effect handlers 2024-01-03
Solving problem-solving 2023-11-13
Lie groups induce Hopf monoids in Poly 2023-10-26
Powers of polynomial monads 2023-09-21
A nuclear adjunction between Poly and Dir 2023-07-21
Dialogue on a mathematical approach to the good 2023-07-11
Natural transformations between cofunctors 2023-05-26
Spooling out syntax from behavior 2023-04-24
Lotteries: a constructive version of the distributions monad 2023-03-23
Category theorists welcome self-learners in a new outreach panel 2023-03-09
Promonoidal categories and wiring diagrams 2023-01-31
Lenses are semi-monads, maybe lenses are monads 2022-12-20
Where matter and pattern meet 2022-11-07
When you light up, I light up 2022-10-28
Nate & Jesse’s adjoint 5-tuple 2022-09-29
It’s Proly like Poly but better 2022-08-04
A 15-year history of my research program, in 10 minutes 2022-07-07
Graphs in Poly 2022-06-16
An account of sense-making 2022-06-03
The “artificial” distinction 2022-05-18
Co-design of dynamical systems 2022-04-06
2022 Workshop on Polynomial Functors 2022-03-29
Creating mathematics 2022-03-25
Poly makes me happy and smart 2022-01-19
Creating new categories from old: Selection categories 2021-12-30
Deep neural networks as nested dynamical systems 2021-11-05
Poly inside Poly 2021-09-22
Dirichlet polynomials and entropy 2021-07-25
Jump monads: from conjugation to dependent types 2021-07-01
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